Thursday, September 29, 2011

woah another one!

Instructions to make this here. So fucking cool I can't even.

DIY skirts and dresses

Woah, three posts in one day. Slow down, girl!

But yeah, since I'm broke I can't afford clothes. But I have a major hippie sensibility and love long skirts and dresses. If anyone knows any good (free) sewing patterns I would be, like, eternally grateful.

panorama fuck up

me and my friend jenn were attempting to use the panorama feature on her camera and royally fucked it up. the result, however, is pretty cool!

an update from Danielle land

Sup gangstas. Long time no chat.

Since we last spoke, I've started my junior year of high school. Which may not seem that impressive to you guys, but it's pretty significant. not only is the 11th grade widely considered the grade a student is most likely to off themselves, but it's also the grade where we are forced to consider life after the dimly lit hallways of high school. This year also happens to be the year I decided the college I want to go to (New Hampshire Institute of Art, required gpa: 2.7 yearly tuition: 18,600). It's the year I have all but abandoned my tomboy, book wormy ways (well, not really. I just wear dresses now!) It's the year I have fully embraced ritualistic high school gatherings (bonfires, parties, sinking into the couch at some kid's basement, bumming around outside the local 711 and harassing passerby's...) It's the year I have developed my addiction to thrift stores and vintage cameras and DIY accessories and coffee and tea. But most importantly, it's the year I began to take art - a casual hobby my entire life - seriously. When my doodle filled math notebooks have been replaced with moleskin sketch pads and every fully developed drawing has been considered for The Portfolio. It's the year I began my transformation from sarcastic, boot-wearing tomboy to sarcastic, boot wearing hipster.

Sure, I've still been reading. I would be lying if I said I was too busy to review those books, too. Because, really, I have nothing better to do. I just lack the incentive. Truly.

Whatever. The point is, I feel bad for leaving this blog abandoned. I'm making a promise to you, my loving, devoted followers, that I will update at least once a month. It may be about books, it may be about clothes (because I am a teenage girl now), it may be about my growing obsession with getting into art school (if anyone has any tips for building my portfolio, things to beef up my application, etc, drop a line!), it may just be a shitty scan of some fucked up pin up girl I doodled during AP Psych. But it will be something. Pinky promise.

In summary, I am also looking for visual art-related blogs. DIY, thrift hunters, painters, illustrators, I welcome them all! If anyone knows of any good ones, please feel free to promote the shit out of it in the comments.


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