Sunday, August 9, 2009

about me



yeah, you.

you wanna know who i am?

ill tell you.

im a pretty.pretty.princess.

okay, for reals this time.

howsit hanging, lovelies? im danielle, otherwise known as dannie, otherwise known as danimal, otherwise known as damn shes fine. im an incoming freshman from the pitfalls of new joisey (no, i've never met a guido) and chances are you dont like me. just kidding, you havent met me yet. but in this blog, i can and will get purdy damn opinionated, and you might not always like that. which is why i named it Opinionated? Me?. to get the point across straight up front. no secrets, no surprises, no complaining.

i love music, i love movies, i love pictures ('specially da dirrty kind ;)) and most of all i love books. thats why is started this blog. to talk and talk and talk some more about all the shit im reading. the only thing off limits, in my opinion, is the classics. i will never review them, because they dont need to be reviewed. thats why they're the classics.

i want to be a writer, just cos. i want to be a photographer, because if we dont have pictures, what the fuck do we have? i want to be a philosopher, because they dont really have to do much except think. i want to be an artists, because theres nothing better then looking at a piece of unfiltered genius and knowing you created it. i want to be teacher, the one that gets paid shit and whose students are little street children who knock on her door and want to hear a story, because they know that, no matter what time of day it is, ill have one ready. i want to be that guy who saves the world but no one knows. i want to be an introvert, a cat lady by choice, a chick sitting at a bar checking out the band. i want to be everything underground. i want to be anything, really, as long as i can curse like a sailor doing it.


Anonymous said...

There we go! lol thanks for doing that! it was driving me MMAD! <- he he get it get it? MMAD?! if u dont then u dont read enough HP FF! I LOVE MMAD!! and i wanna read it now!

and i wanna read BEASTLY too! but i dont have enough money to buy a book and im over due on my library card...uffda...all well ill get it eventually

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