Monday, May 10, 2010

its monday! what are you reading? plus some rambling

I know, I know, I'm an ass. Its been about a week since I've posted a thing and to be quite honest with you I'm reading at such a slow pace it might very well be another week until I churn out a review. I hit these sort of ruts all the time, mostly when there's a song I like and I end up wanting to listen to it all the time instead of actually doing something productive. The worst part is that the song isn't even a good song. Its Take It Off by frikken Ke$ha.

there's a hole in the wall
its a dirty free for all...


Anyway, I thought I'd give ya'll an update.

Right now I'm reading A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley. At school, I'm reading The Killer Inside Me because I don't like bringing ARCs into the general public. Its like seeing your priest outside of church or something. Ain't natural.

Next, I'll be reading Scars by Cheryl Rainfield, and after that I'll be reading Rose Sees Red by Cecil Castellucci (which is part of an awesome mini-book tour she set up so everyone can read it. She's a good one, that Cecil.)

I talked to some old friends on Facebook that I haven't seen in years. One's dating this guy in a band, and she asked me if I wanted to meet up at one of his shows. I said no, because I heard the band and they kind of suck. But then I said yes because I want to see her gorgeous face. She got her lip pierced.

I was begging my mom earlier if we could move. This has been a reaccuring argument since I was eleven. We're not poor, but its a pretty wealthy school district so at school it seems like I am, because my mom isn't buying me two hundrd dollar Uggs and I don't have twenty bucks in my back pocket all the time. I've learned to work with it, use it as a joke and shit, but it still kind of sucks. Our house isn't helping.

The ceiling leaks all the time. Our tank keeps overflowing outside and it smells like rotton eggs. The outside is an ugly blue with chipped paint and deteriating roof. There are five old rusted cars in the parking lot. Its a road of eight houses, with no sidewalk, a short cut that everyone in town uses. I'm always finding burnt out cigarettes and crushed soda cans by the mailbox. The pipes on the roof keep falling down. The houses next to us are occupied by old people, with nice lawns and yellow paint. We look like trash in comparison.

I think the main thing is that I want to go somewhere. Ever since I can remember I have to rely on my mom to go anywhere. She's the only one in my family who can drive and she takes twenty minutes to get out of the house. For anything. I can't walk anywhere, because even if I don't get hit by a truck it'd take an hour and a half just to get past the train tracks. If I miss the bus at school, I have to wait two hours after the bell rings for her to pick me up, because that's when she gets off work. And she usually has my dad in the car and that just sucks. I have zero freedom, and I think she did it on purpose, because she knew that I would have to rely on her for everything and she knew I couldn't sneak out to go to a party or something. I'm disconnected from everything in this stupid town and is it such a crime to want to take a stroll to the local CVS and get a candy bar? Is that such a rebellious and mischevious thing? Seriously?

So, yeah. I want to move. To another town, another school cause I'm tired of looking at these people since pre-K. Actually, just kidding. I want to move out of state so I don't have to deal with this Kayleigh's Law shit. And the Jersey Shore.

I want out.

Rose in A Little Wanting Song wants the same thing, so that's kind of awesome.

I'll see you on your blogs. kbai.

(sheila of book journey)


Simon said...

Oh, gosh. You poor baby.

D Swizzle said...

Shut up. You whine on your blog I whine on mine.

Simon said...

Once. I whine once.

D Swizzle said...

so i whine a lot. its the internet. i can do what i want. now make me a sandwhich.

Robby said...

Whine away! That's what this is for, of course, this little corner of the internet. Rose Sees Red? ROSE SEES RED!?
I am so jealous.

D Swizzle said...

Email Cecil, she might add you to the tour list!!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving your comment about taking ARCs out in public being like seeing your priest outside church. :-D

Audrey (holes In My brain) said...

whining is healthy :) annoying kesha songs aren't... and because of your rating system, i had to give you a lovely blog award :P

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