Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jesus is fascinating....

....not in a religious sense. The historical sense. All the ways you can interpret the bible and Jesus and God.

I have a theory:

Jesus was crazy.

That's controversial.

I don't care.

Listen: He heard the voice of god. He maintained that he heard the voice of god until his painful death by crucifixion. He thought his mother was a virgin.

Dude was crazy.

Another interesting thing is the relationship between Jesus and Mary; we tend to think of Jesus as this grown ass man dying for humanity and Mary as his perfect, virginal mother. But. He was also a little boy between the nativity and the passion. A little boy with a mother who had been told at some point that he was to die so everyone, everyone, could be redeemed. He was a little boy who's mother loved him. And then he was a grown man who's mother loved him. And then his mother had to watch him flogged and humiliated and nailed to a cross he had to carry a mile into his execution site.

I think Mary went crazy.

I'm not an expert or anything, but what information do we get about Mary after Jesus rises? None. Bitch went crazy. But then, I would too. My son just died because his baby daddy decided to sacrifice him for all of humanity.

She went crazy.

So, to summarize, everyone from the Bible probably went crazy at some point. I say this with the most respect possible.

Passion of the Christ made me cry.

Last Temptation of Christ reminded me of Donnie Darko.



I'm tired

ignore this.


Hayley said...

I agree with your Jesus was crazy but I think the reason why they left Mary out after the Rising was because she was irrelevant in the patriarchal society the Bible was set in. I also think that she only told her son all that stuff was because she either had sex too early or was raped or something and was trying to cover up her pregnancy and, somehow, get rid of her bastard child.
Just a thought. It could have been both ways.

ShaneStonerFreak said...

Okay Shane was never one to believe in God. She always thought of him as this fake person parents made up to get their kids to do the right thing. She never really thought about Jesus before thoguh. She thinks he was crazy and so was Mary. She probably shouldnt be talking about crazy cuz she's schizo an all but who in their right mind believes that god wants them to take the blame for all who was wrong and die. Not the crazy schizo. Another point. Who in their right ming believes that their mother was a vergin when she had you. Now not only do i not believe in God but i also believe that a bunch of crazyies made him up. thats so much better... lovely!

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