Monday, February 7, 2011

Should Robin be included in the Dark Knight Rises?

Because I'm a nerd and this is important.

Everyone's been getting their knickers in a twist at the thought of Robin/Dick Grayson/Tim Drake/godforbid Jason Todd appearing in the nest Batman movie. And though Chris Nolan has already made it clear Robin will NOT be appearing in any of his movies, speculation continues and I, being the only Batman fan in anywhere who actually digs Robin (mostly because of Teen Titans), could not be any more excited at the prospect.

I have some theories:

1) Our Lord and Savior Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast in an unknown role. Putting aside the fact that this presents a killer make out opportunity for him and Tom Hardy, let us not ignore the physical similarities between he and Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, aka Robin ALL GROWN UP.

Lookin' good thur, Arthur.

'Nuff said.

2) As previously stated, Tom Hardy has been cast in the final Batman film, as a little ol' guy named BANE.

Yes, that Bane.

Here's the theory:

Bane comes in, does his Bane thing, 'roid rages the shit out of Gotham until Noble Batman intervenes. Bane breaks his back, leaving both Batman and Bruce Wayne paralized and Selena Kyle (being played by Anne Hathaway, who I imagine will be a smexy background character for the duration of the film) is implied to become Catwoman while, in response to an early attempt at adoption (to keep is cover, naturally) Bruce Wayne finally comes upon a young orphan to take in. The movies ends with this young lad introducing himself;

"Hi, I'm Dick Grayson."


Seriously, someone should hire me.


Anonymous said...

You are brilliant. And the movies wouldn't be the same with Robin.

Unknown said...

haha nice post. And YES Robin must be in the next batman movie! I love him! I also adore Joseph Gordon Levitt so it would be incredibly amazing if he was Nightwing.

BTW I also love robin mostly because of Teen Titans hehe

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