Friday, August 28, 2009

And I Am Telling You

Guys, we have a problem. Something has occured in my social life that has turned me into a steaming pile of vindictive bitch. Therefore, I am clearly not in any state to blog. In fact, if I were to write a review right now, I would probably tear said book to shreds and leave the author rocking in a corner sucking his/her thumb. SO today I thought I'd just leave you a clip from the old show The Fresh Pince of Bel-Air, with Will Smith being...well, Will Smith.


Padfoot said...

Thank you for that
I love Fresh Prince sooo much that just made my day.

I can't ever watch Carlton dancing without peeing my pants from laughter.

Lori said...

I flove Carlton. He was the best part of the show.
Carlton dancing makes everything better.

Hang in there, Dannie. Don't murder a book! Hee!

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