Friday, October 23, 2009

Books You Really Should Be Reading: Desolation Angels

During my daily Blogger Browsing, whilst skimming through the latest bookish posts, I realized something:

You guys really should be reading something.

Not in the sense that you don't read. You all do, clearly. I mean something as in something new, something you probably haven't even heard of before I came along. One of those books that subtly changed a generation while no body noticed. Something that means more then sparkly vampires and fallen angels and all this nonsense. Something had to be done.

Hence, Books You Really Should Be Reading was born.

Every Friday, you will be greeted from a long week of studies with a new (to you) post about a book that really, truly means something. And I'm not talking Everybody Poops (though you really should be reading it anyway. You know, for the public's sake.)

So, my dears. I introduce to you...



The classic novel from the definitive voice of the Beat Generation, Desolation Angels is the story of Kerouac's life just before the publication of On the Road--as told through his fictional self--Jack Duluoz. As he hitches, walks, and talks his way across the world, Duluoz perceives the angel that is in everything. It is life as he sees it.

Why you should be reading it: It's Jack Kerouc, you jackass.

One of his later novels, Kerouc expands on his creation of the Beat generation, one he started with On the Road.

Desolation Angels is a fragmented work, perhaps a return to the epic grandeur of the Great American Novel Kerouac always wanted to write, and away the general subtly and surrealism of On The Road.

I first found Desolation Angels while browsing through Amazon more then a year ago, when I was thirteen and looking for something zomglifechanging. Of course, I didn't find it, but still.

This is not a review. If I wanted to write a review, this wouldn't be Friday. No, this is simply a recommendation. So go, my dears. Go and explore Kerouac like you've (most likely) never dared before!

(Danielle lazily signs off)


ladystorm said...

who is Jack Kerouc?

La Coccinelle said...

I don't think I've read any Kerouac.

This is a good idea, though... something to offset the fluff. Don't get me wrong... I like fluff. But sometimes you need something that means something, like you said.

Dannie said...

ladystorm--jack kerauc is my god of writing

la coccinette--yes, we do. feel free to borrow :)

itsjustskinsteven stevens said...
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