Friday, October 16, 2009

Hate Mail: WTF?

Well, you guys. It's finally happened. I knew this day would come, just as surely as the sun would set and the Florida prison inmates would buttfuck each other in the corner of their crap-covered cells.

I have received...hate mail.

I know, I know. Would could I have possibly done to deserve such nastiness? Such bitchiness? Such...stupidness?

The answer is...I don't know.

I think I should just post the offending transcript:

dear DANNIE,

fu. where do you get Off thinking yur so amazing? ur getting all these fucking ARC copies for review you only have 130 followers!! where do you come off getting all these ARCs when you've only been blogging 4 months? WTF is ur problem? have you ever thought about the rest of us who actually have to PAY for our books, whil your getting them for free?! your reviews suck and i have no effing idea why authors or publishers or ANYBODY would want yuo to even READ them, let alone give them to you free!

unlike you, i work hard on my own blog (which im not going to tell you) and pay for all of my books. wen publishers ask me to review their books, i decline, becuz i know that review copies cost money the authors dont have and i choose to buy the books with everbody else! your just selfish for taking money away from these poor authors and books away from honest readers who blog because they love to read, not just for free books! you obviously don;t even like to read, with the sarcasm in your revewing tone and how you always focus on the negative aspects of a book instead of just enjoying it for what it is! your just a stupid, idiotic poser who should be focusing on schoolwork (ms D average freshman) instead of wasting your good years complainging about books you recieve for free. you obviously dont have much of a social life and are trying to vent your angers onto your readers, which just isnt fair!

next time you decide to steal a book from somone, id suggest you take a good hard look at yurself and decide where your lfie is going!

hatefully yours,


T...dear, sweet, moronic T. I apologize if I've...erm...offended you in any way. Needless to say, what you've written is hurtful and in desperate need of spellcheck, but I will try to respond in a manner appropriate for the intelligence level you have demonstrated.


Seriously, though. Everything you have said is so completely out of line I don't know where to begin. Number one--I am, in no way, shape, or form, stealing anything from anybody. Yes, I do only have about 130 followers and, yes, I have had this blog for a little under four months, but that does not mean I don't work for the followers and readers I do have and it in no way means I write this blog for the free books. Yes, I do enjoy the free books--what schmuck wouldn't?--but I did not start this blog just so I could get them. I do not think I'm amazing in any way. I think I'm just a kid writing down my thoughts for books I liked or didn't like. And I have no idea why anybody would give me free books either, but they do, and, again, it does not mean I'm stealing them. And, yes, I have thought about those who have to pay for their books--I am one of them. I have been one of them since I was seven years old, and I intend to stay one of them until the day every book in the world has been burned and fed to three eyed demons from the underworld.

I have no doubt, T, you work hard on your own blog. I believe anyone who takes the time to create a blog spends many hours making it nice and pretty and approachable. And that's fine that you decline ARC offers--your choice, not mine. If the opportunity to read a good book comes along, I take it. Sorry if that makes me a thief, but there it is. And the "sarcasm" in my "tone" (is this true, readers?) by no means I do not like reviewing books. It means I am a sarcastic person with sarcastic thoughts (though it is probably just a coping mechanism for the inner pain I feel 'cause I wasn't hugged as a child *sarcasm*).

As for me focusing on the negative--this isn't intentional. Well, maybe it is. I'm on of those people who believes something is as bad as it's worse quality, and it that makes my reviews seem negative...well, there are plenty of blogs out there who focus on the positive. Read one of them.

Now, as far as the whole "social life" concept goes--the gloves are coming off, bitch. I do, in fact, have a social life. If I didn't have a social life I'd be you, sending misspelled hate letters to poor, defenseles teenage girls (that'd be me). If you wanna get technical, if I had no life, I'd be dead. So why don't you put that on a dick and suck it, you shitcake.



Much better.

So, what say you, dear reader, on this matter? Any hate mail stories you'd like to share? Comforting words to little ol' me who, despite the tough exterior, is secretly crying inside?

Seriously though, you guys, if I come across bitchy, it's a complete accident and I don't mean it. It stings to hear someone call me out on things I wasn't even aware I did, and if you have any constructive critism or something for me, feel free. And any not so constructive critism for dear T would also be welcome.

Let the flames commence.


Alexia561 said...


Aside from not knowing how to spell, what on earth would compel someone to write such a hateful email? If you don't like someone's blog, then don't visit it. Simple.

And accepting free review copies is in no way stealing from the author. So far as I know, the ARCs usually come from the publisher and are built into the publicity budget.

If I ever felt strongly enough about someone to write them a nasty email, I would at least have the balls to sign my name.

Guess the hate mail means you've finally "made it"! Congratulations! :D

Dannie said...

Lol, thanks...I think.

Donna said...


Dude, you're not imposing enough. I have no idea how I've managed to least 3/4 of a year with ZERO hate mail. Not. A. Clue. Either I truly scare the shit out of people or those nards just haven't found me yet. Well, SafeLibraries found me and he's the Nard to end all Nards but he's not an Anonynerd.

Aside from i before e except after c, I'm a little confused. Said T is ranking on you for getting all these books and complaining that he/she's getting gypped because of yet yet he/she claims to decline ARC offers? So WTF's the problem? Stop declining them you tool box. You're imposing the problem on yourself and projecting your self-hate onto someone else. It's so cyclical I'm nauseous.

And why do all Anonynerds fail at spelling?

Grab some Miak and let the fun begin.

Llehn said...


I'm surprised you actually dignified this with an answer! It's obvious from the many times free books are mentioned that they are jealous despite what they claim. And how classy it is of them not to tell you who they are! Just keep doing what you are doing now! You're doing a great job!

LiLi said...

Still haven't gotten any hate mail, either, however, I do have a couple choice words for dear T.

"Back the fuck off, bitch! We're doing the best we can, and I surely as hell bet you can't do any better with your mispelling crap!"

There we go!

Btw, nice way to stick it to her, D.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. Such jealousy and hate- I can't believe it. Not to mention the atrocious spelling and utter lack of reason.

PeaceLove&Pat said...

Nicely done Dani. You know the reason wht I started following you is because of your so-called sarcastic remark. I abso-fuckinglutely love it! I tend to do the same too.

Like what you said there's so many bloggers that only focus on the positive. I respect them for that but I mostly read the LOL inducing reviews.

And to T, chill out girl. No need to be rude and get all jealous. If you don't like Dani's review write your own counter-review with finesse. Or shit diacuss it with her.

April said...

Kudos for using the term shitcake. I think it is my new fave word!

Seriously though, what kind of idiot sends a misspelled email when there is clearly a spell check in oh, every email client ever and then has the nerve to say they work very hard and you don't when they can't even be bothered to hit spell check? The nerve.

And you know, you are actually reviewing the ARCs you get which is more than can be said for a few people!

Furthermore, what kind of an asshat thinks they can rip on you for having no life when they are spending their time writing emails of hate towards you??

I still haven't gotten hate mail, yet.

sharonluvscats said...

uh wow just wow.

Jessica Secret said...

Wow. That is truly an awful letter.

First of all, it is refreshing to come to a blog and have a little bit of sarcasm. It's different- an it makes me come back for more. I'm a very sarcastic person, myself, too, and I'm not a bitch. you're not a bitch. T...I can't really call you a bitch since I've never met you (although I'm guessing you may very well be), but that was a very bitchy letter.

Secondly, you're right. Accepting ARCs that people OFFER you, to do a SERVICE that benefits you both is in no way stealing.

And the spelling...I'm not even going to start.

Way to stick it to T! Keep doing what you're doing, and ignore the idiotic haters!

GreenFairyLV said...

Dannie your response had me LOL. I'm sorry someone would feel the need to write you such a horrid email. Maybe all the mispelling was to express how angry they were, I don't know. You must be doing something right kid to get someone so worked up.
ARC are not paid for by the author by the way T. Also, a lot of us who are lucky enough to get ARC usually feel honored to have a chance to read them, and most of us end up buying the finished polished book. Why? First we love books and second the finished version is usually different. I can't believe someone would say you don't have a life because you read and have an opinion. How horrible. One of the greatest gifts I have given my kids is my love for reading.
I think your book blog is great, its you. And I'm sure T's blog is a reflection of her. Maybe T should just not read your blog if it is so upsetting to them. Just a thought.
Take care Dannie. It's sad that the world is full of assholes. :(

natalierenae said...

It seems like there are people out there who just love to hate on other people! First of all, the majority of book bloggers (including myself) accept ARC copies in order to aid authors in promoting their book (not that receiving them for free isn't awesome!). Secondly, no dedicated book blogger would ever start a blog just to receive free books. Or if they did, they'd quit soon. It's way too much work! And finally, I'm sure you spend way more money on buying books each year than money you save getting them from publishers and authors.

I love following your blog, and it's obvious that I'm not the only one, as you've received a world of support in comments on this post! Way to stand up for yourself and your fellow hard-working book bloggers!

Natalie @ Mindful Musings

thetruebookaddict said...

First of all, if you're going to send someone an email like that, you should first know how to spell. That said, do you know this person? It seems like you might, otherwise how does she know you're a "Ms D Freshman" or whatever she said! People like this are just wrong. It's okay to envy a person, but not to this extreme. No one should be this mad about another person's good fortune. I suspect that she is not offered any ARCs by authors (even though she SAYS she refuses them) because they have seen how bad her spelling and grammar are. I truly believe that authors (and other bloggers) notice those kinds of mistakes. Don't sweat it Dannie! In the words of Romy (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion), "I don't care if you like us, 'cause we don't like you. You're a bad person with an ugly heart, and we don't give a flying fuck what you think!" Keep on blogging and rocking those ARCs girl!

Michelle =o)

Book Whisperer said...

I find it hillarious that someone thinks they are so awesome enough to send you an email like this, but adds that they won't give a name.... How funny at least if you are going to be a complete ass list your name or you are just a coward.

Dannie said...

the true book addict: i actually put im a D average freshman in my "about me"

everyone else: thanks so much! i hope this bitch is reading your comments and CRYING

Anonymous said...

I think what people don't understand about ARC copies is that most of the time, the blogger will go out and purchase the book when it officially comes out because they enjoyed it so much. Review copies are great because it gets word out about up and coming novels so that readers will take interest. I think if anything, it increases book sales, and does not take away from the author which this person is obviously indicating as "concern".

I really don't understand why this person chose to target you seeing as sooo many other book bloggers receive ARC copies as well. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Whoever sent you that nasty email comes off as very self-righteous. And the attack on your personal life? Totally uncalled for. People can be so rude.

The Book Vixen said...

Wow, my eyes hurt from reading that email. The grammar is horrible. No wonder that person didn't have the balls to post their name and blog. That's what bugs me the most; People who like to bitch and complain don't have the balls to do so as themselves. Instead, they have to hid behind anonymity.

I'm with Alexia561, I think it means you've "made it"! :)

Addicted Book Reader said...

Wow, what a freakin psycho! Your blog is great, and I have no idea why someone would even think to write such an illiterate, hateful email. If you don't like someone's blog just stop reading it, jeesh. Keep up the good work and keep writing honest reviews! : )

La Coccinelle said...

Small people will find small things to complain about. If you weren't receiving ARCs, they'd find something else to complain about (most likely the fact that you don't give every book a glowing 5-star review).

I have yet to get any free books (and I don't think I want any, if this is how I'd be treated!), but I've encountered similar little trolls out there. Opinion trolls. The sort of people who just can't stand for anyone else to have a different opinion. I do sort of find it amusing when little twits who are a good decade younger than I am take it upon themselves to say, "Shame on you! You're supposed to like every book you read... and if you don't, then you shouldn't say anything at all, you unloved, jealous loser!" (Some of these folks can get strangely personal when it comes to critiquing book reviews.)

I don't really see what T's problem is, though. They're after you for getting free books... which they wouldn't accept themselves. I'm not sure what they want. For nobody to accept ARCs? That's kind of like saying everybody else should quit their jobs because you're happily unemployed. Or something like that. I'm having trouble coming up with an analogy at the moment. I think my brain is still a bit stunned from that whack of bad grammar and insults.

Alessandra said...

Good Lord. So sorry you had to receive such hateful crap. That's just plain old envy. Don't mind them. And "'re stealing money from poor authors"? Don't publishers pay for ARCs anyway?

Falling Off The Shelf said...

Sorry to see you received your first hate mail! I have yet to receive one, although I did receive mean comments about a book I reviewed..and I leave those comments there for all to see the idiotic thoughts of a fellow reader.

It's your choice whether you accept review copies, and if someone is going to be hateful because they chose not to (which by all means they probably aren't getting contacted at all by the way it sounds), then they are just dumb...plain and simple, lmao. I'm happy to see that you've come this far in a mere 4 months. I'm just as new! YAY US!

I think we're doing a splendid job :)

*stomps on T's filthy typing fingers*

Dannie said...

Falling Off the Shelf--yay us indeed!

Anonymous said...

Wow,,er this bozo gives all us gals with the first letter of our names being T a bad vibe...You must be pretty savvy though because we have the same blog background..:D!

Lenore said...

I've only ever received hate mail for not posting enough pictures of my cats! Still waiting... ;)

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