Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Fat Nerd Journal Tour

I've decided to begin something of a project. While looking through some spare notebooks hanging around, an idea popped into my head: what if I sent this to people all over the world? What would they have to say?

And so, Big Fat Nerd Journal Tour was born.

The idea is to send this journal:

around the world, to as many people and places as possible. All you have to do is carry it around for as long as two weeks and just write in it. Doodles, quotes, lyrics, funny stories, sad stories, rants, phrases--whatever's on your mind. You then take a picture of the journal, post it on the official blog (along with a few words on your "Experience" with the journal) and send it along to the next person. It's thaaaat simple!

In summary, this may sound like a bad Person to Person project, but bear with me--I think it'd be interesting, plus you can take the exposure and plug whatever website you feel the need to promote. Everyone wins!

If you want to sign up, go to and sign up. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell anybody.



brizmus said...

AWESOMEST idea ever! I'm headed over there now!!!!

miss cindy :) said...

i signed up :) i have a few questions too about it!

EternalJade said...

Great idea! This allows bloggers from all sorts of cultures to have a closer link to each other. :P

alana said...

Love it. I'll sign up.

Nick Valentino said...

I'd love to do it as well. This is a great idea!

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