Monday, November 30, 2009

The Crazies (a writing blog)

Hello, dear readers. Once again, Danielle has come up with an IDEA. And this time it's with company!

A friend and I (don't call her Maggie) have both pondered on out love of writing completly useless and shiteous tidbits of stories. So, we've decided to create a blog, where we shall post anything we feel is not good enough to warrant actual showing off, but not crappish enough to delete. We have called it The Crazies.

Maggie (hee) and I would really love it if you checked it out. Perhaps follow, if your feeling brave. I can garuntee it will be interesting.


Jazz R.J. said...

Sounds like a fun idea. I'll drop by to read. I can't right now because my crap computer monitor keeps turning off by it's self. Tomorrow.

Any who, I'm giving you the Honest Scrap Award.

Keep it shiny dear!

Unknown said...

Absolutely wonderful post! What a perfect concept. Thank you manuelorellanarubio

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