Friday, November 20, 2009

In Which Danielle is Ill and Kind of Wishing She Had More Books (even though she doesn't really need them)

Ah, there you are, my darlings! It seems I've been running on auto-post for the last week or so. But I have good reason for this, my cupcakes (get this out of the way: my popsickles, my fudge brownies, my honey bunches of oats, my twinkleberries, so forth and etc). You see my review policy, right there on the side?


See where it says, "...I maintain right as a reviewer not to review a novel because a) I found it so disturbingly bad I think it best to save the author some face or b) I have fallen ill with some kind of Malarian disease and simply cannot move my wee little fingers" See it? Well, the worst has happened, friends. No, I have yet to encounter a book disturbingly bad on an level. I have fallen ill.

Lucky for us, I have neither the swine flu nor a disease of the Malarian variety. I do, however, have some sort of all-consuming sickness that makes it impossible to move at a remotely quick pace without blowing chunks all over the immediate area in front of me. In fact, even lying completly still has set forth an onslaught of yesterday's lunch (though I haven't been eating, for obvious reasons). So I haven't really been doing much of anything, including reading. Which kind of sucks, because I'm reading this right now:

which would usually take me a good three hours to finish, but is now running on five whole days and I really want to know whats going on with Ada and that bitch Kim and why oh why is Amelie getting all emo on us can really old vampires go all emo on us why is this happening I don't need no more whiney vampires who go all emo on us dammnit!


This time of illness, however, has brought on a lot soul searching and Amazon browing (more so the latter, but I digress). I have discovered I have not read nearly as much zombie lit as I would like too, such as this beaut:

and I have also noticed that, since the formation of this blog, I have yet to review a post-apocolpytic novel (one of my favorite genres) (just kidding, I got the Knife of Never Letting Go). I know, I know. This blog is young, you're only fifteen, Danielle, you can't possibly afford all the books you want! Besides, your TBR pile is tipping the fuck over (and it is placed within tipping distance of your sleeping head, which might be considered a fire hazard in most townships)

Ah, dear readers, if only these words were consoling. But...they are not. Especially when your reletives take special occasions such as your birthday to buy you old navy giftcards.


Anyway, instead of boring you with a rant on why Old Navy should have closed down years ago, I will just move on.

If you'll direct your attention to the Big Fat Nerd Journal Blog, you'll notice I'm looking for someone to make a button! Details on link.

And that's pretty much it. Thanks for listening.


5peasinapod said...

Great blog! I'm adding ya!

Alexia561 said...

So sorry to hear that you've been sick. Really sucks when you want to read, but your body just won't cooperate. Was in your shoes at the beginning of the week, not with the blowing chunks part but with the too-sick-to-read part, and totally sympathize. Hope you're feeling better now!

As for the Old Navy giftcards... there are several sites online where you can sell or trade unwanted giftcards. Might want to keep that in mind in case said relatives remain clueless again this year.

Get well soon!

Dannie said...

There are??!?! TELL ME!

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