Monday, March 22, 2010

its monday! what are you reading? (and some other musings)

Okay, wow, so I never really do memes, and I have no idea why I'm doing this one. Maybe its cause the book I'm reading is blowing my fucking mind and I can't wait to tell ya'll about it.

Yeah, probably.

Anyway, its Ship Breaker by Wind-Up Girl author Paolo Bacigalupi. Its about this boy named Nailer, whose growing up in the near/distant future where oil is scarce and everyone is replacable. He's a Ship Breaker, goes down into old abandoned vessels and scavenges for things of worth, hoping to get enough to eat and spare himself from his father's wrath. Its, like, frikken incredible. I could try to say it another way, try to make myself sound all refined and shit, but I'm from Jersey and everyone knows we have communication issues. So thats all I got: its frikken incredible.

So, other then that, I've kind of been pining over a couple of weeks. The Anarchist Cookbook, for one,not because I'm an anarchist but because I need a stink bomb and this one looks like it'd have something for me.

Another is...well, any English translation of Francoise Sagan. I read a story by her in a collection I can't remember the name of, and her writing is just so lovely I'd really like to gedt my hands on some of her novels.

A Small Free Kiss in the Dark by Glenda Millard looks like the coolest thing since underwear.

So, has anyone seen that movie Four Brothers? With Mark Wahlburg and Andre 3000 and Garrett Hedlund and Tyrese Gibson? I saw a bit of it on FX the other day and now I really want to watch the whole thing. Ya'll know I love Brother Fiction.

Yeah, so...bye.


Robby said...

The coolest thing since underwear...Dannie, that one sentence is why I love you.
I need to look in to Francoise Sagan.

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