Friday, April 2, 2010

i made a banner...would anyone know how to put it to use?

Okay, so my sister (of the fabulous blog Four of Them) found this sweet banner making website and she made me the coolest friggin header in all history of headers:

If anyone knows how I could either a) alter my layout (while maintaining the two sidebars) so I can make it the header or b) add it to the current header, I would be eternally grateful and shit. Please?


iluvhersheys_andbooks said...

Go to the layout section of your header where you add all your widgets and things (page elements). Then click on th header bar where it say edit. Upload you header and check the place where it says show in place of title. Hope this helps!!!

Dannie said...

I actually tried that and it didn't work because the current header is attached to the layout!

alana said...

I don’t that much about html so I’m not sure if this is right, but under “edit html” you’ll find a section for your header and there with be an image address (like photobucket or something). You’ll want to upload your header to photobucket or something like it and then swap out your address for the original one.

Did that make sense? The hard part is the size may be wonky or it may throw your shit out of whack. Once you give it a go you can see where to go from there though. (That's how I swapped out the head on my old layout.)

alana said...

This might help too:

Stephanie said...

That header rocks!

Kate said...

I looked at your page source, and honestly in order to incorporate the new header with the old layout, you would have to do a lot of tweaking. I checked out your header's url and part of it is with the tops of your sidebar and post area. Here is the url so you can see what I mean:

It looks like your header in technically in two parts. But if you get rid of both, then the top of the sidebars and post area will look a little off. (Hope this makes sense) Anyways, you are probably better off to find a new layout and tweak it or start from scratch.

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