Friday, May 28, 2010

creativity: not just for the tobacco-inhaling hipsters, people!

Alright, so ya'll may or may not have noticed my reading pace has slowed...dramatically. I'd like to blame it on homework but, really, like I ever do my homework. No, the real reason is...I don't know. I'm just a bit restless. I've been going out with my friends and fucking around and wishing it was summer, but I just keep feeling like I should be doing something productive. Not school work, mind you, because I feel school is one of the least productive and most distracting things a guy can do without suspending the law of perpetual motion (speaking of which, I won a copy of Dream of Perpetual Motion!!).

I've also been reading a lot of different kinds of blogs. A lot of Tumblrs and this one called A New Dress a Day, and I've been taking a lot of pictures and editing them to look all moody and I've been painting so much my finger tips are purple, and I've been bugging my mom to take me to a flea market and...look, I just really want to make things. Like clothes. Because today I realized how frumpy I've been dressing. Because my guy friend and I were talking about shit and he was OMG so surprised that I liked dresses, because I "dress like a boy".


So my friend and I will be going to the mall and I will buy a bunch of dresses and vintage jewelery and some nice shoes and maybe I'll pierce my eyebrow and maybe I'll start a personal challenge for the summer, like I have to sew my own skirt or actually wear a skirt or do that thing this guy does. Who knows.

Whatever happens, I will be wearing dresses next year. I will.

So, anyone wanna join me in my quest to be more creative? Just raise your hand and say yeah.


alana said...

um..are you ME? lol

Our posts today are very similar. I just made my first skirt. It was surprisingly easy. I also made a goal to buy at least five dresses this year (which I've already done...yay for consumerism!). I was just thinking about going shopping tomorrow too. I can't believe I went so long without wearing dresses. They kick ass.

Simon said...

I! I!

Dannie said...

alana: just read it five seconds ago, and OH MY GOD SO CUTE. I would totally give it a go but im kind of demented with fabric o.O

I havent worn dresses since i was like, seven.

erika: get on down here and lets get started!

Jen D. said...

Dannie thanks for the mentioning New Dress A Day. I'm loving it.

Robby said...

Isn't Tumblr addictive? I agree.

margaret said...

I've always had those days where I want to do something different - like make clothes or paint (both of which I've wanted to do like forever) but never end up doing them. I suppose I fear failure . . . bad I know. Good luck on your endeavor! I'll have to go check out "A Dress a Day"

alana said...

Yeah, sewing is kind of a pain. I can't tell you how many times I had to stop myself from just hot gluing the thing. lol

Tights really helped me get used to wearing dresses. For one, I have the whitest legs on the planet and I'm pretty sure going out sans tights is a public safety concern (from all the temporary blindness that occurs when my legs see the light of day). Second, I felt "naked" when I first started wearing dresses and tights helped that. So you feel weird at first, just embrace the tights.

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