Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just because your a liberal doesn't mean your open-minded

i know im being a very lazy book reviewer as of late. its the last two weeks of school, finals are coming up, homework is being piled on...its all been very crazy. so ive only been reading a little bit each night before i pass out from exhaustion. but recently, while perusin' some youtube videos and talking with my super-athiest mom, i've come to a realization: just because your "liberal" or "athiest" or any of those other tags commonly assosiated with being open-minded, doesn't mean your actually open-minded.

to elaborate: i mean, take an athiest. they dont believe in god, so you'd think that all of those pesky predjudice's religious folk harbor wouldn't be an issue, right? um, no. in fact, they can be quite worse. for example, i was chatting with my aforementioned mother about religion. i said that i haven't decided whether i believe in god or not, im still reading up on all the religions before i decide, etc. and you know what she said? "god doesn't exist". not an opinion, not a theory, not a hypothisis. fact. cold and hard.

so i said, "you dont know that".

and she said, "i do know that. god doesn't exist".

and this is why i knew nothing about any religion by the time i was thirteen. because no one taught me. because my mother takes her opinion as fact and, no matter how long i tried to persuade her to be a little more open-minded, or at least a little more sensitive to other religions, she was completly sold that her opinion was a scientific fact. this annoyed me.

not that im a christian or anything, i was just so peeved that she was just as close-minded as the hard-core fanatics she hates. i love her, but she's a goddamn hypocrit. she did not try to raise a well-rounded, informed child. she tried to raise someone like her, someone completly unable to see past the other side of the fence. and even though she's a liberal, she crinkles her nose when i mention i have a gay friend and she gets pissed as hell when i say i may--may--want to be christian or something. so, even though she's constantly going on about how damn liberal she is, she really isn't. maybe she's a victim of her generation, i dont know. but she's definetly not open-minded.

then we look on the other side, the conservative side. the WASPs of the world, the anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, anti-everything rich folks that everyone holds as the prime example for douchebaggery. now, if you show me glenn beck, yeah, i'd agree with you. he is a close minded, rich little prick. but show me clint eastwood, i wont think that. i'd think, "man, that is one awesome dude". but clint eastwood has the same general social views as glenn beck. he's just more subtle about it, and he's a shitload more open for change.

so i think that's what open-minded is supposed to be; being aware of both sides of the argument, still knowing where you start in it, but prepared to listen. and there are people like that in the republican party, and the liberal party. but then there are people like my mother and glenn beck who just aren't, and never will be, and don't know jack shit about anything outside of their little tunnel of vision. and they are the bad parts that we see all the time.

i dont know. thats just my half-bit teenage opinion.

in summary...go gay marriage! i have yet to see a valid argument against you, so go for it!


Brent and Emily, The Naughty Book Kitties said...

I love you so much for posting about this. GO GAY MARRIAGE!

A big XOXO from the gays.

Jillian said...

I am going to post this on my personal fb for some of
my "fb friends" to see.. i know a lot of people like this. think the same exact way as you. i think being open-minded is being sensitive towards others and be willing to listen to other people's culture,thoughts,opinions,beliefs, etc. like they say, it's one way to believe you are walking the right path but is entirely something else to believe that your way is the only way. awesome post.

Jillian said...

*i think the same way as you

Simon said...

You don't do homework.

alana said...

The truth is we're all only so open minded. (There will always be a point where even a totally flaming heathen liberal such as myself will be unwilling to see the other side of an argument.) The problem, at least in my opinion, is that people aren't willing to accept that though. They want to cling to their high horses and feel vindicated in their holier-than-thou superiority. Instead of saying, "wow maybe I'm being a bit dogmatic about my own beliefs," they'd rather make black/white statements about how right they are.

Yeah, there are some topics that I am a total biased bitch about (and I don't make any qualms about it), but I try to always look at both sides of any argument/idea. Otherwise how do I even know what I really think and feel? Your mom's absolute rejection of god takes just as much faith as someone else's embracing of it (even Dawkin's says this and he's the poster boy for "militant" atheism).

Adriana said...

I'm the same way with my mom except I'm the the non-believer and she even told me she would miss me when I go to hell... Yeah! I think it probably is a generation thing though. I have gay friends and I'm totally fine with it, but my mom actually forbade me of talking to a friend of mine when she found out she was a lesbian and was convinced I would "turn" into one. I've also had some Christian friends stop talking to me because I don't share their beliefs. I find it ironic that some people who are taught not to judge are the most judgmental, but it really does go both ways since I know some religious people who are really amazing and there's also those who aren't believers that are just as bad.

I'm with you on the "Go Gay Marriage". I don't see what right someone has of preventing others from getting married.

Donna said...

Liberals can shove their heads straight up their asses just as good as conservatives can. PETA, anyone?

Glenn Beck's a moron. The scary thing is, he has a huge following of people that think he's right. Truly frightening.

Lewis Black is a republican but he sees the flaws with his (and everyone else's) party, which makes him awesome.

Like you, I was raised without religion but my parents gave me a choice. When I was 11 they asked me if I wanted to enter into Catholicism (they were both raised Old Vatican Roman Catholic, my dad's now an atheist and my mom's agnostic) and I said no. I don't feel a loss for it. They let me do my own thing with religion. Neither one of them tried to force anything down my throat and while they both regret, just a little bit, that they hadn't given me a choice but put me in CCD just to have *something* there, I don't feel a loss for it. I just feel like I can see these religions from an outside perspective. Yeah, they can be loving and caring and great community organizers. They can also be hypocritical and terrifying. More wars have been waged in the name of a Christian god than any other on earth. I just can't be part of something like that.

Shamanism. Nice organic religion. Just you and the earth and that's it. Awesome.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I understand where you're coming from, though my situation's a bit different. I'm where you are in concern to believing/not believing in God, but my parents are hardcore Catholics. I respect their beliefs, and I make an effort not to fight with them about it, but it's hard to avoid when they attack you.

And Adriana, I completely sympathize with you! Some people who are taught not be judgmental as a fundamental belief are the most judgmental! Then again, I've met some really awesome Christians as well. The point is, religion/spirituality, whatever you call it, is a personal choice that should not be influenced by what other people want you to believe.

Jenny said...

Very insightful! And I totally agree. I see this type of thing all the time, unfortunately.

Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

Some of the most close-minded, judgmental people I've met have been atheists. I long ago came to the conclusion that intolerance is a personality trait that has little to do with one's religious or political beliefs.

My mom expressed a dogmatic "god does not exist" attitude when I was young, and said "I don't understand religious people," and it bothered me. I wanted to feel that if I decided to become a Christian, or a Jew, or a god-worshipping Buddhist, or even a raging bible thumper, she would still understand and respect me. Which she would have -- but it still bugged me. Her attitudes became more relaxed and open-minded as she grew older. The older and wiser we get, the less convinced we are that we have all the answers. :-D

Anyway, Dannie, I'm glad you and your mom can talk about these things, even if you disagree. Great post!

And, yes, gay marriage is WAY overdue.

Robby said...

I love you.

The Absolute Pro Of Doorframe Walking said...

there are a lot of comments on this post.

People are probably going to totally attack for for this...but as I probably won't read the comments on this specfic blog post really doesn't matter.

Glenn Beck's awesome.

Dannie said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks. Great stuff.

Doorfram Walking: woah, don't get that mindset at all but hey, to each one's own, right?

Brent and Emily, The Naughty Book Kitties said...

I have an award for ya. No, it's not the Highest Blogger Award. LOL.

K. A. Schloegel said...

Very true. Perhaps the corollary to the title of your post is that just because Dick Cheney said it, doesn't necessarily make it a hurtful lie.

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