Tuesday, July 20, 2010

so im watching if you really knew me....

and i think MTV is well on its way to being decent again.

hear me out.

i don't know if anyone else has watched this, but shit's a tearjerker. this is coming from me---me, the insensitive bitch who boo's during most, if not all, movie/TV death scenes. i am completly desensitized. and you know what? i teared the.fuck. up.

the show is basically about this shit called Challenge Day, right? and its kind of like those shittastic drug assemblies that're shoved down your throat, or those confidence speakers that come in and tell you to love yourself. these guys come in and the main difference is that it actually requires you to participate. its not just a bunch of dudes talking for two hours and getting you out of class. its a process. and you have to talk about whats on your mind and your problems and the whole point is that the cliques are mixing and you have to know each other better. i heard about it and i scoffed and was all like, "yeah, thats gonna stick" *sarcasm*. the trailers made it seem as though there would be some serious bitches to beat down and i, of course, only watch reality TV for the bitches. so i flipped it on (right after Teen Mom, an hour long hot mess for another day) (PS: future boyfriend? BE LIKE TYLER) and got ready to point and mock and roll some serious pupils. then it started.

i dont know...maybe im softening up. but i just thought, this is really fucking different. it doesnt have that fakeness or stupidity of all the other reality shows out there, especially the ones MTV itself has shat out. everything just felt crazy geniune and it was just sad the way these cheerleaders were showing everyone the scars from when they tried to kill themselves and it was awesome to see this popular bitch walk right into the loser section and search out one of the "losers" she met during the Challenge Day shit. i dont know. its basically like the breakfast club.

ill be watching next week.


Michelle Kardashian said...

The show If You Really Knew Me is great and focuses on student life.

Mmgajera said...

I love this show...

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D Swizzle said...

ugh spam.

fantasylover12001 said...

You know I think the last time I actually watched MTV regularly was back when Daria was on the air (probably just gave my age away there ;shrugs;). I don't know though, it's still yet another reality show. It does sound intriguing though.

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