Thursday, August 5, 2010

a friend in need is a friend indeed (or vacation week, dresses and why i love writing so much)

so, this week i was on vacation. im still technically on vacation. for me, vacation is travelling across the country to Old Folk Florida, where i sit couped up in my grandparents house listening to everyone yell at each other about their life slash marital choices and watch Criminal Minds reruns (as opposed to doing the same thing in the Garden State.) which is fine, im not complaining (for once). i've gotten a chance to shave at my TBR pile a bit and got a pretty dress (floral! i love floral, you guys.)

so, since there has been an inherent absense of posts, i thought i owed you guys a little dose of my sharp wit and plentiful loveliness.

im deleting some of my other blogs because i dont use them. ive also been writing like mad, little snippets and characters and plot lines that ill probably never get around to that im going to transfer into one of my old ranting notebooks once i get home, if only for publication when i enevitably die from the excess that comes from the starving artists scene (ask Truman Capote--oh wait, you cant, his liver exploded).

i also drew a rather elaborate picture of a cyclops. if that at all means anything to you, please speak now.

i also got to see The Kids Are All Right (question; what is wrong with Julianne Moore?) and The Other Guys (if Eva Mendes is plain, then i have a dragon living in my ass. which is true?).

i saw a dude with a face tattoo at the train station coming in. if i ever write a book, he will be in it. that is all.


Simon said...

And the Amish people. Don't forget the Amish people.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I liked the video for "Love the Way You Lie," but the actors in it were DEFINITELY not who I was expecting! Lol

Have a good week! :)

D Swizzle said...

erika: oh yes! the smoking Amish. they gather at train stations.

natalie: i liked the casting choice. it was surprising but they both pulled if off quite nicely. megan fox doesnt get nearly as much credit as she deserves.

Jazz R.J. said...

Hey sweetie. Haven't talked with you in awhile. Thanks for the lovely comment. By the way, Revolution isn't on the Watchmen sountrack. That was just one of my warped additions on my personal playlist. Am I weird or what? Ha ha.

Oh, I can't believe you posted the Love The Way You Lie video. I've been trying to find it everywhere to watch it. You've finally ended my search. I like the casting too. See you later sweetie. Keep it shiny!

Teena in Toronto said...

I saw "The Other Guys" Friday night ... it's a hoot!

Happy blogoversary :)

Juju at Tales of said...

Wow. What a song!

And quite the powerful video.
I love the actor.

A face tattoo? Of what I wonder?

D Swizzle said...

Jazz: oh, thank god. i was like, " watchmen...?"

Teena: :))

juju: it was a DRAGON, girl! A DRAGON!

K. A. Schloegel said...

FACTOID: It is common knowledge that Minnesota has the highest per capita number of facial tattoos (although I can't seem to find any internet link that substantiates this claim) in the USA. Go MN.

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