Monday, August 16, 2010

just because it's a dude doesn't mean it's not all kinds of illegal (or, why does no one seem to mind it when a man is blatanly raped?)

every summer since i was a wee lass, i've been going to camp. every day and every night, it was campcampcamp. this year, i thought i as free. liberated. and then i got a job. at subway. which is a really bad place to work at. and i thought i was doomed.

lucky for me, i got fired. actually, it's unlucky, because i dont know if ya'll are aware, but summer is long. and boring. especially when you live on a highway and everyone you don't hate the pants off of is on vacation. and no one other then subway is hiring fifteen year olds. so i end up watching a lot of netflix and, worse, doing my summer homework (more then a week before school starts! IS THIS HELL?). instinctively, i have also been staying up at all hours of the night, writing half-asses novels and doing the safety dance in my bedroom (with the door locked...and dead bolted...and super glued...) there is also much late-night television involved. and since i suck-ass at segaways, let's just get to it.

male rape is just as bad as female rape. this is often brushed aside, and i don't think it should. now, i tend to loathe the super-eage feminazis who are prowling their TV Guides, trying to find something sexist in the context of whichever show is popular at the moment. not that i dont support equality, but sometimes i feel like its just a giant witch hunt and giving feminists a bad name. i mean, by pointing out al the things they point out, they make it sound like woman are always on the weaker side of the violence spectrum (take the Love The Way You Lie debate...actually, this is getting rambly enough as it is). Anywhoozles, with all this feminism going on, everyone tends to forget that men can be just as victimized as women. which brings me to this film, 40 days and 40 nights.

its about this dude, Josh Harnett, who's taking a chastidy vow or whatever to get over his ex-gf. but he falls in love with this totally awesome chick, Shannyn Sossa-something (isn't she pretty? she's so pretty!) and it's all challenge and shit and generally the plot is cute and i liked it, for the most part. but then there's this one scene where some chick takes it upon herself to fuck our hero while he's sleeping and subsequently get pissed at him for it. and no one takes issue with this. NO ONE.

there is so much wrong with this.

let me say this, only once: just because a woman is pyschially weaker then a man and a man tends to want sex a lot more does not mean she can do whatever she wants to him. it's wrong and, um, illegal bitch. im not saying this film is really promoting male rape, im just saying it makes the issue more of a joke, even a cheap plot point, then a problem. and that's not okay.

(for more and better analysis of movies, check out my amazingly hysterical sister's blog, Four of Them)


Simon said...

What's more, the girlfriend walks in on this case of rappery and gets pissed at the dude.

Miss Morbid said...

I agree. Rape is rape. No matter what gender you are.

alana said...

Though I'm sure I qualify as one of those whiney feminazis you mention, I totally agree. I felt the same way when watching some show about witches. (I think it was called Eastwick or something like that. I did a post on it but I'm too lazy to look it up lol. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about.) Rape is never okay or funny.

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