Wednesday, August 18, 2010

on vlogging and why it's the new email.

Ya'll know I love me some John Green. Therefore, I love any relations of his. So when I found out he had an equally amazing brother who he ran a vlog with, I was buggin' out dude. I checked it out, and it's quite hilarious:

It also had me thinking; this seems to be a trend. Siblings, relatives, even strangers keeping in touch by means of a camera and amateur video editing software. I mean, why risk the awkward pauses and boring conversations assosiated with phone calls and emails when you could just blab about whatever then fuck you feel like for four minutes and the move is yours, sir.

I wish I could do that. Like, with my gramma or something. You know, to avoid the conversation veering into why I can't keep my hair out of my pretty face or something. Hopefully.

I don't know. Just felt like blogging about it. Do any of ya'll keep up with each other via youtube? Lemme know.


alana said...

I use skype. I like it. Holden usually hovers somewhere in the room so my mom and sister can see how big he's grown. It's nice.

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