Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Sixteen!

Which is kind of lame, but I'm not complaining. Thus far, presents have been just as expected, coming from broke teenagers in the borderline-ghetto.

1) A thirty dollar shirt from a very fancy store, paid for by three people.
2) A cupcake with Mr. T on it.
3) A very West-coasty shirt from friend currently on the West Coast.
4) Sandman #5
5) Religious paraphenilia.
6) A pretty pomegranate necklace.
7) A Burger King Triple Stacker with three lit candles in it.
8) A Carton of cigerettes...even though I don't smoke...?
9) A homemade cake with a crudely drawn icing penis on top.
10) Seventeen punches from a very muscular boy with tattoos (ouch?)
11) A cookie from a Gas n' Go
12) A Snuggie!!!!!!!!!! (that I left in my locker, which makes me hate myself)
13) A snookie tshirt, also left in locker.
14) Multitudes of handmade cards (all varying degrees of vulger and insulting)
15) Dream catcher.
16) Lots of Halloween candy.

And it's only eleven a.m.!

Very good distraction from the fact that I STILL can't vote, drive, drink, smoke, go to Real Jail or consent to my own medical treatment.



ReggieWrites said...

Happy Birthday! So cool you turned 16! I'm turning 16 next year! =)))

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!!

What do you mean you can't drive? Is that not the driving age there?

D Swizzle said...

reggie: haha, here's hoping it's not a suckish one for either of us...

jenny: seventeen is permit age, eighteen is license age :P

Robby said...


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