Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Challenge!

Jenny over at the TakeMeAway blog has initiated a challenge practically tailor made for myself...

Can I get a HELL YEAH????

Here are the rules:

Starts September 1, 2009 and goes through August 31, 2010
You can join any time during that time frame.
This challenge has two parts; you can decide at any time until the end if you would like to complete only the first part or both. However, prizes will only be awarded to those who complete both parts.

If you have already completed one of the tasks in the past 6 months you may count ONE towards this challenge.
Books may overlap with any other challenges.
Books may be read prior to publish date if you are able to obtain a copy. (Don't worry about the advantage someone has because everyone should have the same opportunity to complete the challenge at the same time).
When you've made the decision to play, post about the challenge and please link your icon to this post. It doesn't necessarily have to be the link on your sidebar if you put it there and are linking to your post, but at least on the picture when you post about this challenge.

Tasks: (Part 1)

Read and review Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Read and review Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
Read and review Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin (publish date December 2009)

Read and review one other book from the list of "retellings and sequels" or "literature with allusions and influences" from the list here . If you know of a book that will work that is not on the list, you may use it, but please have it approved as part of the challenge first.
Tasks: (Part 2)

Watch and review Disney's animated version of Alice in Wonderland
Watch and review one live action (already released) movie version of Alice in Wonderland.
Watch and review Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (due for release in 2010)
Watch and review one other movie listed under "Film" here
Mr. Linky will be posted once a month (at the end) and you can enter the URL(s) of the tasks you completed during that month. (The winner will not be counted until they have posted their last task on Mr. Linky at the time that I make it available for posting at the end of the given month).


The FIRST person who completes ALL tasks (on both parts) AND has all their links posted to Mr. Linky will win a $25 Amazon gift card!!
The SECOND person to do the same will win 15 extra entries (to be used all together or split up) for any giveaway(s) they choose.
The THIRD person to do the same will win 10 extra entries (to be used all together or split up) for any giveaway(s) they choose.
Anyone who joins this challenge (and posts about it on their blog) will also win 3 extra entries (used the same as above) to any giveaway(s) you choose.

Alright, it's no secret that I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan. I've seen the animated film twenty times, I've read all the books, I have T-SHIRTS for God's sake. This is MY CONTEST.

I'm already plotting my attack, so I suggest everyone go over to teh TakeMeAway blog and give me some competition.

Happy reading!



Jenny said...

Thanks for joining and for the excitement!! I'm excited too... I love Alice in Wonderland but haven't read or watched anything of it in a long time. I'm still looking for an old tv version I saw by accident when I was about 6 that scared me, lol! I'm hoping to watch that as part of this challenge, or as extra if I find something else.

As for the other book you reviewed, you can pick ONE to use within the past 6 months so that one does count! I will post a linky thing (or at least a post to be commented on if I don't figure it out by then) and you can link to that review then. And just remind me that that is your one from the past 6 months. Sound good?

Anonymous said...

hope your ready for some serious competition i am a avid reader i can get though Alice in wonderland in one hour no sweat i read college levle and I'm only in the 6th grade come one i need a challenge

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