Monday, August 17, 2009

Ponderings: Writing...How Hard Could It Be?

I think anyone who reads more then your average person has, more then once, considered getting into the writing buisness. Some find it a daunting task; try to write a book that you yourself would find fantastic? Putting yourself out there to be critisized by people you don't know? It's fucking scary, man.

Me, personally, have never really wanted twin sister and I did this thing when we were younger, in order to avoid the Bronte sisters curse of Sisters Who Write: she got dibs on writing, and I got dibs on art.

And it worked, for a while.

But my sister gradually started losing her interest in writing, even though she was pretty damn good at it, and got more into movies and the filmmaking buisness, I thought---hey, I can be the writer now!

So, I wrote a short story for a school contest, and it got into nationals or something...I don't know, it was fifth grade. But when my sister got wind of if...she got mad. And, my sister...when she's mad, she's mad.

How dare I steal her thing...we had an agreement, damnit! It's my thing. I can draw, I can draw good, why can't I be happy with that? I'm such a bitch! RAWR!

So, I figured that was the end of my writing career.

But I start to thing...what if I moved somewhere? Out of the a pen name...published a book...she would never know, right?

But then I'm thinking: what if I can't write? I mean, fith grade writing contests mean nothing...I can't write a book. I have plots, loads of them, but I don't have an attention span to actually make it readable...ugh.

It's a nice thought, being a writer...but is it as easy to do as the greats make it look? Is it really something any book worm can do?

Shit, my brain hurts.


Anonymous said...

Writing is easy; however, writing something that others will want to read is difficult. Writing with qualities, such as spelling, grammar, tense and other rules of writing can be just as tough. One of the keys for writing is using topics for which is is actually passionate. One the book is published, then comes the challenge of marketing.

--Joe Breunig
Author, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

Sarbear said...

This made me smile -- the sisters fighting. Sounds familiar. She can't really "claim" writing as her own, but I can see why she's feeling threatened (if that's all she's good at and you're better at it than her). I say just do it and if she's upset about it, tell her you enjoy doing it.
I think the problem lots of people have with writing is committing to finishing their story.

alana said...

Do you feel the same about art? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in the world who really likes what I paint and everyone else is just humoring me. lol

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