Monday, August 31, 2009

World War II: The Revenge

*this is a phrase coined by meh sister Erika*

Now, you all may be thinking to yourselves, "Self, this gal is outta her Vulcan mind." Why is World War II something to laugh at? Why is Auntie Danielle writing a blog post with clever word play turning one of the most destructive battle of pricks and gun powder into a sequel that nobody wanted?

Well, that's the thing.

It's the sequel that nobody wanted.

We all know 'em; that companion to a perfectly fine novel, that unnecessary "II" at the edge of your favorite movie logo, that horrible recasting and "Direct to DVD" sticker at the corner of the poster. Children run crying from the Bad Sequel. Bad things happen in the Bad Sequel.

Which leads me to this week's pole.

What is, exactly, the worst sequel in the history of entertainment? Book or movie, video game or TV spinoff--everything goes. Once more, what is the best?

Leave your two-cents (and I want good arguments, here!) and let me know!




sternapple said...

Worst book sequel: The Pemberley Chronicles. It read like a junior high school girl's diary fantasy of what happens after the end of Pride and Prejudice.

Worst movie sequel (recently): Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Just .... why?

Cheers, Jessica

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