Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why I Hate Science

Mr. B: Alright, class. I have some good news!

Chris: No homework?

Carol Ann: Pizza party?

Asshole-but-I-love-'em Nick: Panda bears?!?!?!

Mr. B: Nope! We have our UNIT TEST! TOMORROW!

Me: *shrinks*



Lori said...

Forgive me because I'm slow but did you change your blog? It looks fabulous!!

Love the kitty in the picture. Science is not my friend either.

Hang in there, Dannie!

Dannie said...

Lori-yes, I did! Isn't it!

Lisa said...

Hey Danielle! I gave you an award, you can pick it up here:

Have a great night!

Donna said...

My freshman year science teacher was bat shit insane. Literally.

I was in top track science and if we couldn't answer a question correctly, she would bash her head against the blackboard. One day she demonstrated pressure by placing a sharpened pencil tip down on a kid's head, putting one of the ginormous text books on top of it and pushed.


I had her again senior year and I couldn't find a replacement class that fit my schedule so I stuck it out. We were convinced during her hiatus a couple year prior that she went on meds. Bi-polar, let me tell you.

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Dannie -
I get you! I felt the same way about history.... ages and ages ago.

Absolutely love your rating system.

Dannie said...

Donna-I'm pretty sure that's illegal in most states.

Shellie-Thank you!

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