Monday, December 14, 2009

P.S. my secret santa lurves me

Just got my Secret Santa gift in the mail and DAMN this gal knows how to make me feel like a prick. I got MY Santa a used ARC that I wrapped in some shitty Reindeer paper and what does this chick get me? Not one, but TWO brand new copies of The Adoration of Jenna Fox AND Rampant:

and you know those delicious chocolates they sell at the check-out stands in Barnes and Noble? Yeah, well, there were like TEN of those. AND a cute tube of mini-M&M's AND it was all wrapped together in purdy tissue paper.


Wanna know what else? I seem to be an idiot and not realize that the whole "Secret Santa" shindig is supposed to remain...y'know...secret. Maybe it's cause I have never done a Secret Santa in my life and have no idea what I'm doing, but still. So...I sorta...signed me name...and blog


Secret Santa, dear sweet girl, if you are reading this, please know I am not a follower troll or a mentally unstable five year old. I just don't know any better.



Emily said...

Eh, I always sign my name to secret santa type things. Either was is fine!

Elie said...

That was a funny post. It is fun to see what everyone got. Who knows, maybe your recipient never had an arc before, you might just make their day.

I signed up for two, I am still waiting for mine to arrive.

sharonlovescats said...

Well at least you sent a book. Second year of getting nonbookish items from the Book Blogger Swap. *sigh*

ExtremeReader said...

I just got Rampant too and I haven't read it yet. Killer Unicorns... too cool!

Jenny said...

It's perfectly okay to let them know who you are! That's part of the fun is revealing who the "secret santa" was after all.

Dannie said...

Oh, really? Because my Secret Santa didn't even give me an initial! I felt like such a jerk, lol :)

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

You are so funny! And hey, don't worry, we thought you were supposed to sign your name too. Jake, Gregory and I all signed our names on our cards. You're not alone!

Personally, when I get the gift I'm fine knowing who it's from. The point is that you gave...and received. Congrats on the great books! I'm dying to read both!

Jamie said...

I haven't heard of either of those books so I'm dying to see what you have to say about them. I signed up for two book blogger swaps...I've gotten one of them so far and I LOVE the book that they sent me.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Seems like your Secret Santa did a great job with your gift - and I'm sure whoever was your 'giftee' appreciates what you sent (pre-read books were OK, per the survey you filled out!).

Re: secret or not-so-secret. I was glad to see on all the other comments that it's OK to reveal. I did sign my gift card (I think!), as I did last year. This year's Santa prefers to remain anonymous.

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