Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book Review: Cursed by Suzanne M. Sabol (at Enchanted by Books)

Title: Cursed

Author: Suzanne M. Sabol

Pages: 270

Received from: Rachel of Enchanted by Books sent it to me for review on her blog.


From the moment of her birth, Hannah Worth bears the burden of a power that she does not understand and cannot control. Sheltered from the world, she grows up happily oblivious to the pain she causes others. Hannah doesn't know that she is despised and hated. At the height of her life, with everything she has ever wanted within her grasp, fate and the almighty impart a harsh lesson that will forever change her. Betrayed and cursed, Hannah will have to lose everything if she is to redeem herself, join the world and meet her destiny. The lines between good and evil are anything but clear in this epic dark fantasy that stretches from the witch trials of Salem to the onset of the French Revolution.

Very rarely do I come across a novel that I can't finish, and it is rarer still that I would give such a novel anything higher then a three out of ten. But here we are.

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Brahmin in Boston said...

*sigh* As I said to my husband Twilight is like a Mafia - once you get it you can never get out...

What I felt bad was not the fact that the book was average but that it got SUCH good reviews and craze of millions of girls/women etc. But guess what? I too was one such person but I am a recovered addict.

I am not much of a vampire/werewolf book reader as much as a Paranormal book reader (Kay Hooper books!!)

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