Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Comic Review: HACK/slash; Death by Sequel by Tim Seeley

Title: HACK/slash; Death by Sequel

Author: Tim Seeley

Pages: 160

Received from: the lovely author, Tim Seeley.


Cassie Hack survived an attack by a slasher, and now has become the hunter of anyone that would slash other innocents! Contains LAND OF LOST TOYS #1-3, as well as the TRAILERS and SLICE HARD one-shots. Plus all-new material and extras! Perfect for new and old Hack/Slash fans and fans of horror and comedy!

For those of you who don't know (and, really, shame on you), HACK/slash follows the misadventures of Cassie, killer of killers, and her bumbling sidekick Vlad. In this second installment of the horror spoof (including "Slice Hard" and "Land of Lost Toys"), the duo face off with a Freddy Krueger-like killer, a group of slasher-researches, plastic surgery and a fountain of youth (kind of).

Once again, Seeley delivers a witty and completly readable mockery of the countless slasher flick cliches while never starving the reader of likeable characters and descernible plot. Its a perfect kind of read for you losers who sit in your room watching eighties horror movies who don't normally read much other then a Cheerio's box. Actually, just kidding--its a perfect read for anyone. The whole series is. Its just one of those things that doesn't take itself seriously and, in its simplicity, it just wraps together in this killer little comic.

In case your not getting the riff, I love this series.

My favorite part, without a doubt, is Vlad. Everything to do with Vlad. The way Cassie's like, fiercly protective of him and the way he blndly follows her through poverty and thankless greetings. He's like a golden retriever, clinging on to its owner out of some random love that no one seems to get except the owner. Team Vlad, bitches.

I thought the weak part of this particular installment was the art. From what I understand, there are, like, four artists contributing, so I won't bother ya'll with the names, but on more then one occasion everything felt way too cartoonish. I get that its a comic, but the story itself felt better suited for a more heavy inked, harsh colors rock-n-roll type of feel instead the of the almost animeish line drawings scattered throughout that artists chose.

All in all, Seeley has created a tough-as-nails, kickass and relatable heroine (and a loveable sidekick) that all types of readers will have no problem following through their many run-ins with the killers of the world. A must-read.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Also: someone's crying movie and you better believe someone else is gonna cast Megan Fox *rolls eyes*


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