Sunday, February 21, 2010

my favorite bloggers

Ya'll might have noticed my posting has been rather sporatic lately, with hardly any reviews at all (except for the horror/comedy comic HACK/slash) I have a reason for this, I do. Well, I don't. I'm reading a really fun book called The Peculiar Superpowers of Eleanor Armstrong (a zombie love story), and another gooden called The Hundred Thousand Kingdom, but I'm going so slow with them I'm seriously considering checking for ADD (my mom is unofficially plagued with it, causing her to be unable to focus of her teenage daughter's problems for more then fifteen seconds before being drawn in by the nearest shiny object). So I'm trying to compensate by writing up a post on my eight favorite bloggers (because I don't really do the whole awards thing. I get them but I never give them to other bloggers. Bad Danielle).

Keep in mind, if you didn't make the cut I probably still love you, your link was just too complicated for me to remember on the spot. Sorry?

Here we go (in no particular order);

1) The Book Smugglers

By far having the easiest-to-type link on this entire list, these two got me into blogging. Many moons ago, twelve year old me wanted to find out the ending of the third enstallment of Vampire Academy (I know, bad me, but my library didn't have it and I was flat broke). I typed it into Google and immediatly came upon the Smuggler's site. I was just taken with how thought out and intelligent, but still aproachable they're reviews were. I ended up going back the next week, and the week after that, so on and so forth, until they became a semi-daily stop (where they remain today). If it weren't for them, several bloggers on this list wouldn't even be, well, on this list. I woudln't even have a blog. You guys, I would never have discovered the awesomness of Bleeding Violet! All hail the Smugglers!

2) Forever Young Adult

Pure hilarity ensues when you get together a bunch of "YAs without the Ys". Their reviews take place in the form of report card grades, complete with dialogue scales, casting calls and high school relationship comparisons, these chicks set a standard for what YA reviews should be; fun.

3) once upon a book blog/fourteen years

Aw shucks, I love Robby. He's like that type of kid who you really want to hang out with, who's always reading chick books but somehow you don't find it weird at all, who comes up with conversation-ending thoughts that ring true in a way you never would've thought. His blog is a mix between reviews, poetry and general musings. He's so very honest and sweet and, you guys, he likes Patti Smith. That in itself is a display of great underlying intelligence of the highest magnitude. Read his poems, folks. And bring tissues.

4) Rhiannon Hart

Up and coming author, established blogger and all around lovely Australian, Rhiannon's love for reading just radiates through the computer screen. I honestly love her blog, even though she hasn't posted anything for, like, a month and she won't let me borrow her ARC of The Dead Tossed Waves *grumble*, her blog is most definetly something to check out.

5) Livit, Luvit

Not a book blogger, but killer nontheless. This hard-drinking, hard-partying, cat-loving DC chick will more likely then not give you the need to change your undies. Twice. A notable character to look into is B, LiLu's fascinating bugger of a boyfriend who always succeeds in brightening my day with his antics. Screw Edward, ladies. It's Team B for the win.

6) Angieville

Angie is, like, the epithome of great book bloggers. She writes about books she really, truly loves and she makes sure you know it. Her Retro Fridays have more then once provided me with some solid reads over the last few months, and she is without a doubt the place you want to go for a garuanteed stellar book. She hasn't steered me wrong thus far.

7) Random Thoughts of a Crazy Liberal

I really dig Alana's blog just because she always seems really fair and open and well-informed about most of the subjects she blogs about. Unlike most liberal bloggers, she is always knows exactly what she's talking about and her opinions ring pretty true in this girl's opinion. She occasionally writes about books and movies and such, but its all generally well thought out rants about whatevers irking her for the day.

8) Presenting Lenore

This has absolutly nothing to do with my Secret Santa gift to her getting lost in the mail :D Lenore is another one of those rare reviewers who is just very good at pursuading you to love or hate a novel. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

And that's me. So, peace out.


robby (once upon a book blog/fourteen years) said...

You're the sweetest, Dannie!
I am replying to your email as we speak, also. I ran over to your blog to read this and I can't stop smiling. :D :D :D See?

Ana said...

Aww dude, that was awesome. Thanks.

On thew down side we were ALSO the ones who made you read Night's Rose, remember that one? Will you ever forgive us? *wink*

alana said...

Yay! I feel so special. :) And I'm dying to get my hands on The Hundred Thousand Kingdom. I look forward to reading your review.

Dannie said...

robby-woo and, might I add, whoo

Ana-dang, completly forgot about that one. maybe this list needs some editing...

alana-its great so far. you'd reallyx like it

Angiegirl said...

Dannie, you are awesome. Thanks so much for including me on this stellar list. I love all those guys, too, and I'm very relieved I haven't steered you wrong yet. *knock on wood*


Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I competely agree with you about Robby's blog!

I'll be checking out the other since a few I hadn't heard of. Thanks for sharing!

LiLu said...

Aw! You just made my day, seriously. Thank you so much. Reminds me again why I do this :-)

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