Friday, February 19, 2010

to juliet [a project for school that i ended up kicking ass in]

I'm not a poet in any sense of the word. In fact, the term "writer" could very, very loosely describe me. I tell people I write, tell family I want to be a writer (to get those stuck up southerners off my effing back...), but really, I'm just a whiny fifteen year old who can't write for shit. So when, in my Honors English class, we were told to write a sonnet for Romeo and Juliet, I was...well, not happy.

But here's the thing--I kind of rocked it. I mean, its not the greatest thing in the world, definetly not on parr with Shakespeare, but compared with the other kids in my class (who are really more proficiant in the "logical" side of English), it was purdy damn good. So I really wanted to share it with someone who wasn't, you know, grading me, and I didn't want to post it on my writing blog cos no one really reads it. And, you know, some people read this one. Plus, Robby of once upon a book blog/fourteen years is always posting poems and I can get a tad competitive :D

Here we go.

[don't laugh. its Shakespeare, supposed to be corny]

To Juliet

To Juliet, the blood throughout my veins
the air inside my lung
to a name encased in chains
a song my heart has sung

to Juliet, the daughter of mine enemy
the tears down my mothers cheek
to a hell which hath no clemency
ay me! my heart is weak

to Juliet, the name of hopeless love
bright eyes that melt the wary
to my heart, beating through thy glove
and to your own I hide and carry

to Juliet, to life and love and laughter
to only Juliet, and all that lie hereafter

So...tell me what you think?


Jenny said...

I don't really know anything about poetry... but that looks amazing to me!! I would never have known it wasn't a published sonnet. =)

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Well done Dannie! I bet your teacher and classmates were impressed. That is, they should have been! =O)

mummazappa said...

wonderful!! i especially love the last line!

robby (once upon a book blog/fourteen years) said...

Dannie, you are a writer. You are a writer. I've always thought about writing a sonnet, challenging myself, but I've never gotten the courage too. This is so inspiring, so beautiful.
I love Romeo and Juliet just as much as the next person, but I always felt it was slightly...overrated. This poem is brilliant. Honest and beautiful. I love the imagery, your word choice.
Do you mind if I link this on my blog?
I'm going to either way. :]
Thanks so much for posting this! I really enjoyed reading it.

CarlyB said...

This is lovely Dannie, especially:

'to Juliet, the daughter of mine enemy
the tears down my mother's cheek'

Beautiful :)

I'm glad I found your blog!x

Simon said...

That made me mourn for childhood's end, yo!

I've never been prouder of my wonderful sister!

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