Friday, April 23, 2010

for the record

Remember that Youtube vid I posted a few days ago (that I did NOT delete, just forgot to press that little "terms and services" thing so it got deleted for me)? Yeah, well apprently some of ya'll have assumed I was high when I made it. And, well, I wasn't. Maybe high off of life, had just gotten done with a very silly phone conversation with my best friend, but I wasn't on anything. You can ask anyone (hell, ask my sister) that that's just how I am sometimes, talking weird and very, very happy.

AND, for the record, even if I WAS high, I don't really think it should be a cause for concern, seeing as I'm fifteen and chances are everyone else in my grade was high at the exact moment I made that video. I also don't think it gives "book bloggers a bad name" (according to a certain anonymous commentor) because...well, frankly, that makes no sense. I can not think of one reason why anyone would see that youtube video (had I actually checked the "terms and services" thing) and think, "man, those book bloggers are party animals!"

I bloggers? Books?

So, in summary, thank you for everyone who was genuinly concerned for my well being slash state of mind, but you need not fear, I have never touched a drug in my life. And for all you anonymous commentors (really, only one, but they pissed me off), shut up and get off your high horse. If I were high, that would have been none of your buisness.

Stay in school!

SIDENOTE: I respect my mother enough not to bring drugs into her house. Lady would smack me upside the head.


Robby said...

Love. You.
Man. I still haven't sent out that damn book.

Dannie said...

and RAWR *growls*

alana said...


Dannie said...

wtf to me or to anonymous?

ParaJunkee said...

LMAO - word of advice if you were to get high...stay away from photographic equipment. That's the kind of stuff that your BFF pulls out at your wedding shower. Didn't happen to me, but I was at that shower and boy I was trying so hard to not spill my punch I was laughing so hard. Urgh, too bad I missed that video.

Oh and don't do drugs, wouldn't want us book bloggers to get a bad rep that we are all drug using book peddlers, trying to entice small children with the written word and sarcasm laced marijuana. LOL. Too funny.

And that makes me sad that your whole class is doing drugs. It was only like 30% when I was in high school like a million decades ago.

alana said...

To anonymous. I’m just surprised that anyone could come to such a conclusion (though I didn't see the video). For one, posting comments anonymously is for pussies. (Own your thoughts people.) Two, unlike what every movie wants us to believe there is no universal behavior for people high on the reefer. To assume that you must have been high because you are like an excited puppy (which I mean as a compliment of course) is stupid. Third, its nobodies goddamn business. I don't know about you but I didn't start blogging with the hope that someday some stranger on the interwebs could inform me about my life (though we collectively thank you for the effort anonymous).

And lastly, even if you were high smoking pot is not the end of the world. There are many many smart and talented people who like to get high. Get over it people. The only reason most people think marijuana is so bad is because they've bought into the government "reefer madness" propaganda that was essentially fueled by racism against Hispanic immigrants. One 15 year-old smoking pot is not going to bring along the collapse to our society.

Obama’s going to do that. ;)

Dannie said...

Parajunkee: you just made me spit out the soda I was drinking with that story HAHAHA

Alana: I know! In my opinion, THE smartest people in the world were total pot heads. John Lennon, people!

Anonymous said...

You really contradict yourself. One minute you say your not high than the next you say, even if I was. So I assume you were. And if that is your personality, you may need to invest in some new contacts because your eyes were as glazed as a box of donuts.

I am glad I am not in your high school class if you all go around high.

Another thing, all I'm saying is, a lot of people saw it and discussed it on twitter and once its out there, it is. To vlog like that is just disrespectful and thoughtfulness. It does give us bloggers who actually blog and are respectful to others, a bad name and all you have done is tarnish your reputation.

I'm surprised you can even read a book. I won't comment again, I'm just saying that please do not vlog HIGH! And don't lie and say you weren't. It was obvious to me. I work at the police station and see this everyday!!!

Dannie said...

Okay, thats fabulous that you work in a police station, but I'm not seeing how I'm "contradicting" myself by saying its none of your buisness if I was high, because if you don't have the decency to leave a comment with an actual account then I don't give a crap what you think.

And I'll just go ahead and say this again: I was NOT high, I don't know what you were seeing, but I have never done drugs in my life and you have a lot of nerve to come on to my blog and tell me what I did and didn't do.

Another thing; please, do not start discussions like this unless your willing to own it. Like Alana said, its a pussy thing to do to make these accusations under an Anonymous tag.

p.s. who were all these multitude of people discussing it on twitter? I haven't heard of any of them.

Dannie said...

Yeah, me again. I just reevaluated what you wrote and decided that the comment I'm most insulted by is the "reading" comment. You don't know me, chances are you've never read more then three posts on my blog, and you are obviously a very close-minded person, but you have no right to insinuate that people who smoke pot are idiots. The smartest people in the world are unforgiving potheads, the smartest people I personally know smoke once in a while. I don't care where you work, but the type of behavior your displaying is the reason kids like me can't get a little giggly every once in a while without people assuming I'm on crack or something.

Again, even if I was high, how do you know that wasn't my first time, like, ever? How do you know it would get to the point where I would not be able to read? How can you go around saying any of this when you don't know me? From a three minute video I posted after fixing my webcam after its been broken for three months? The only person who's reputation would be tarnished in this situation is you, which I'm assuming you probably know, since you don't even have the balls to comment on your account.

If you don't like how I run things on my blog, you don't have to read it. If you don't like how I talk, then don't watch my videos. But don't tell me I did something that I know I didn't, and don't talk about things you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

"Y'see, 4/20 is a day long renowned for its excessive pot use. Why? I haven't a clue. Maybe its somebodies birthday, maybe its a street term...but yeah. This shits like my Christmas.

If that sounds childish, I don't give a fuck. Lets all grab our bowls and hold hands and turn on the Greatful Dead and just be happy, instead of getting all pissy about underage herb use. Jeez."

Just because you delete the post doesn't mean it is gone from the internet forever.

Dannie said...

So? Did I freaking deny it, honey? This is called "joking". You might have heard of it in passing.

And what was wrong with that statement?

(kudos to you for saving the link. thats not creepy at all)

mummazappa said...

dude, i am desperate to see this vid now, can you put it up again? while i feel like i should be a responsible adult and say 'drugs are bad mkay' i know that would be very hypocritical of me as some of the funniest moments i ever had as a teenager were when i was high. having said that, the effects of pot on the developing frontal lobes can be truly destructive, it is true that many of my friends smoked WWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much pot and have suffered for it (brain damage, further drug addiction, depression and in one case developing schizophrenia), but there are so many adults who can tell you that the occassional smoke every now (and by that i mean no more than once a month) and then didn't do them any long term damage (like myself for example). right now at this stage in my life i am totally drug free (not including alcomohol and coffee of course) as i realise how precious the brain is and how much i must take care of its fragile self. i'll take you at your word that you weren't high, but hunny if you were own it proudly and revel in how hilarious you were - many of us with a funny bone can relate :-) and truly, that anonymous is a chicken - own up to your opinions are already!

Anonymous said...

By the way, your little comment on twitter. I do not clean toilets at a police station. I'm actually a probation officer. Its you, youth today, that is the reason I even have a job. You are a immature 12 yr old. Soon enough, keep it up, keeping getting high and having a smartass mouth and disrespecting your elders, and you'll be locked away soon enough! I'm not a chicken either, I'd just rather not get 100 emails in my inbox. I never realized how many bloggers actually smoke pot. But it looks like most of your followers are into the drug thing like you, thats probably why they follow you. Good luck on all endeavors.

Anonymous said...

If you insist that you weren't high, proof it. Put the video from the other night back online and let people judge for themselves. Or are you too afraid to do it? Scared you'll lost a few followers? Scared to lose author/publisher interest? If you don't even have the guts to put it back up, than the answer is yes and my point is proven.

Anonymous said...

Prove It, Not Proof It. I guess I had a case of Danielle there.

=Waiting on The Video To Prove Your Innocence!

Dannie said...

Can't repost it. It was on webcam. I'd have to, like, reenact the entire thing. I believe I said that in the original post, since you obviously saved it for future use.

First of all, kudos to you for actually linking yourself (albeit, to the bebo homepage). And I'm glad your one of those obnoxious adults who refusing to see any sort of intelligence in anything other then what they feel is "appropriate". It makes it much easier to see why you would spend all your time bothering a fifteen year old girl about something your assuming from a two minute video on her blog.

You'd rather not get a hundred emails in your inbox? That means you know what your doing is wrong on, like, a couple levels and you KNOW yuor going to be getting crap for it. That is the definetion of a coward, sweetie.

I don't know why I feel the need to defend my sobriety and intelligence on my own blog, but here I am. And, since your a big bad probabtion officer, why don't you go take care of the kids who need it instead of going on an internet crusade against potentional pot smokers. All it does is make you look like an ass. If you have a problem with how I run my blog OR my life, then just go to another one. And please, do not make these kind of accusations unless you actually know what your talking about.

alana said...

Who the fuck are these people to demand that you do exactly what they want in order for them to confirm the beliefs they've already made their minds up about? Sheesh people. Get a better hobby then harassing a teenager online.

Also, LOVE the new message for commenting. lol

Dannie said...

Alana: haha, thanks. Mz. Anonymous really needs to start knitting or something.

Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

You have a sister who blogs? And she reviews movies? Cool! :-)

I have come to the conclusion that there is a group of people with WAY too much time on their hands that lurk around looking for something to get all huffy and self righteous about. They need a hobby.

Dannie said...

Stephanie: indeed.

And my sister does blog! You should follow her. She's mad funny.

Simon said...

Yay! I'm PR'd! Hazzah to all!

Corcey said...

You're right it's none of their business. And haha you know those book bloggers. Party animals! Haha!
I'm fifteen too and determined to stay sober amongst a world of high teens. I'm not sure if that's your intentions or you just don't want to get slapped by your mother but still.
I love your website. Finally a book blogger who tells why she really doesn't like a book instead of hiding behind just plain ratings.

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