Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ya community thanksgiving (or how my sarcasm means i care)

Adele, of Persnickety Snark, has conceived another one of those brilliant ideas of hers--a YA blogger Thanksgiving. Basically, we all just write about what we love about blogging, this little neck of the Net that I know we all secretly get all warm and fuzzy inside when we think about. At least I do. So here's what I love about YA blogging.


That may sound cheesy, but its true. You guys are the reason I read books way out of my comfort zone (and end up loving them). You guys are the reason I get books for review (which, lets face it, rocks everyone's socks off). You guys put a huge smile on my face and give me motivation to be a snarky little asshole. You guys put up with me being a snarky little asshole. You let me misspell words and put the wrong usage of "their" and go into long diatribs about things you probably don't care about, and you let me veer way off topic and write long reviews that no doubt get really boring (like right now), and you comment anyway and you tell me I did a good job. You let me curse as I want and you give me awards and you guys are just the best fucking thing on the Internet (other then LOLcat, of course).

So, I thank you.

What are you thankful for, homez?


Robby said...

I am thankful for that LOLcat, mostly.

Simon said...

I'm really only in it for LOLcat.

Dannie said...

Your sentimentality touches me.

CoachMT said...

Interesting blog! I'm glad I found you. In answer to your profile question, I'd have to go with the mother-in-law first but hold the cat in ready reserve. :D

Pam said...

What a great blog! I am glad I checked back on Adele's post and visited the newer entries. I will be lurking around more now.

Adele said...

LMAO...you stole this from TIME magazine didn't you?

You've just made me laugh when I sorely needed it. Thank you!

Lenore said...

Aww! So true about it being the people that make book blogging worth it. And the cats...of course.

Ebony McKenna. said...

Hi there, I'm here because of the YA thanksgiving. What a gorgeous idea.

I am very grateful that I'm not a nerd on my own any more - because I found so many more on the interwebs!

I'm still a nerd, but now there are nerds in numbers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle,
I found your blog through the YA Thanksgiving Post at Persnickety Snark.

I pretty much decided to follow your blog on your ridiculously awesome ratings system alone :D :D

(that and the fact you quoted Mean Girls on your twitter!)

Alexia561 said...

Love it! You're 100% right that our blogging buddies make it all worthwhile. Well, them and the LOLCats. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you even comment on what your thankful for. You give bloggers a bad name. Most of us, saw your little show the other night on 4/20. Its quite disrespectful to make a vlog when your high as a kite!!!

Dannie said...

anon--wasnt high. seriously. like, not at all. thats just my personality.

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