Tuesday, July 13, 2010

glee shippings (or, why fangirls occasionally produce awesome)

so, we all know i love me some Glee. it's campy and it's adorable and it features both cheesy eighties pop tunes and totally unironic gay best friends. this series was clearly made for myself. but if there's one thing i love more then orginal source work, it is the outragous and more than a little disturbing fangirl offspring it is subjected to. there is basterdizing fanfiction, there is fan art and, perhaps the most heinous offender...ridiculous pairings.

we've all heard of them. some are sound, such as the aptly titled Puckleberry ship that is so meta'd in the actual continuity. There is also the love triangle, Puckleberry Finn (which is, upon reflection, so amazing my head hurt a little). There is the completly ridiculous but equally fantastic Partie (Puck+Artie...I kind of wish this would happen just so we could call it that). But perhaps the greatest, the most audacious, the most obscene, would have to be:


Finn. Plus. Puck. Equals. Fuck.


Robby said...

I need to start watching this show.

fantasylover12001 said...

Don't forget Puck/Kurt. Man, I'm still trying to figure out that one...I've even seen fics that completely deny Kurt is gay and have him with Mercedes. I'm a fangirl myself but even I have to shake my head sometimes at the wierdness we produce.

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