Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer reading (or, how my faith was restored in the educational system)

summer reading.

we all hate it. this is not a secret. summer reading assignments have long been the bane of teenage existance (right up there with domineering mothers and acne). and the choices? usually suck. too many of my past summer reading assignments, while not horrible, have been dampened by the looming threat of essays and question packets--in summer. it's like child abuse but worse.

but, once in a blue moon, the man? they get it right.

since im in honors again, i of course have to read five books to my more simple-minded classmates one. these five are:

all fine choices, in their own right. but the creme de la creme? the novel that prompted me into the illustrious world of YA? the novel that has brought thousands to their knees? the novel that i can now talk about till my mouth bleeds and get graded for?

nuff said.


Jillian said...

Lucky! My high school would have never given us The Hunger Games, or anything that is merely popular. Oh well.

Simon said...

I thought that was just for us simple-minded folk?

And the Crucible is about witches, so shut up.

Jodie said...

So someone in your school gets reading for fun.

Weird but we never had summer reading when I was in school. I mean we had suggested lists one year, but i ahd enough of my own books to read so I just ignored it and...mothing happened. Maybe it's more of a US thing. You guys also learn how to diagram sentences while I have the barest knowledge of how advanced grammar, so I can't say our different way is better.

Robby said...

The summer reading list at my school this year has a lot of great books on it. I chose Steinbeck, East of Eden. It is 600 pages, and I love it but also want to throw it down a manhole. I mean, seriously. But I digress, and continue.
I need to read The Hunger Games (and start watching Glee.) This is turning into a list.

Rebs @ Book-Rants said...

Too bad we didn't have The Hunger Games while I was in high school. But then again I never had a required summer reading list at my school.

Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

I agree that these are all good picks. I'm glad that your faith in the educational system is restored (at least for the moment). ;-)

Emma said...

These are all excellent. WOOT HUNGER GAMES.

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