Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fact: Taylor Swift is Adorable

There are many things I would never admit outloud. One of them is my secret obsession with show tunes. The other is I think Taylor Swift is a cutie-pie.

Now, readers, before you start throwing your judgements at me, let me explain myself:

When Taylor Swift first burst onto the mainstream with that one song that plagues a poor boy named Drew with a name I forget, I was like, yeah, whatever. What is she, twelve?

And then it was all like, oh shit, she's dating one of the Jonas...es? (is there a plural form to this name or are they all just one entity?) I wasn't a fan or anything, it just so happened this was a time period where I watched a lot of E! and we were deep in the depths of Jonas-Mania '08. So her blip became slightly more prominent on my radar, but still that; a blip. And then...

You know what happened?

"You Belong With Me" happened.

Yes, I know it's the stupidest song in the world. And I know this is a twenty year old woman pretending like she's twelve. And I know that if this got out my high school rep as the apathetic yet loveable Indie Rock chick would be in the toilet. But I can't help myself. When that song comes on the radio, you better believe I start thrashing my head and stomping my feet and singing along. My heart melts at the sound of T-Swizzle's sweet little voice. A warm fuzzy feeling grows in my stomach when the chorus blasts through the speakers. And you wanna know why? I can relate to these lyrics. Which is not something I can say very often. But I did, and I can, and it's because of Taylor Swift.

And now, in the midst of pre-school year blues, she hits us with another round of adorable with her latest single, "Mine". I don't know what it's about, but I will tell you this: her lyrics are getting better, her singing is like listening to angel's play tennis (?) and her songs still melt you into a pool of butter. And that's good enough for me.

So fuck off, you jokers who are going around whining about how she is a virginal blob on modern music. Because you all know that when you hear that banjo start playing, you get that warm fuzzy feeling too.

Taylor Swift - Mine (Official)


Lu said...

You are not alone!

I think Taylor Swift is Great!

Robby said...


Simon said...

Sweetie, are you implying there has been a time when you have NOT watched E?

~Stephanie said...

OMG I love this song and yet the video makes me laugh because she's supposed to pregnant in that half second blip and I can't imagine her pregnant. Or as a mother. Or anything older than sixteen. But I still love her!

alana said...

To each his own. ;)

Knighton said...

I think her singing is great, and I don't usually enjoy country music. I also love "You Belong with Me" but perhaps for different reasons. You see, my daughter is 15 and she's in the band. She isn't your typical cutesy girl, either. I like the song because I can see her in it. I liked "Mine" because it expresses so well the feeling that many people can relate to.

Miss Morbid said...

I'm probably the only girl who wears black lipstick that also loves Taylor Swift...

Brahmin in Boston said...

I like her too! :D

But I read in some blog about an opinion of one particular video of hers. The video was You Belong With Me.

The post said that it was anti-feminist. The hot girl is always the bitch and the nerdy girl is the sweet one. If you wear red and wear heels you will be the heart-breaker and won't think about stepping on anyone's heart. LOL I didn't know what to think about that post.

BUT I can't blame T-Swift for that. I think the director should be blamed.

D Swizzle said...

Brahmin: I don't think we should really blame anyone for that, because it is a stereotype and music videos aren't typically meant to push the boundries of those stereotypes. All it is is a three minute mini-movie aiming to convey the general message of the song. I think we really need to stop taking these things so seriously and just enjoy it for what it is. But then, I'm pretty chill about these kinds of things. Thanks for your thoughts, though :)

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