Friday, September 3, 2010

You know what I hate?

When you read books about these girls who are whining and complaining about how average they are, how no one notices them, how they wish they could be pretty, but then, oh shit! You suddenly, seemingly for the first time in your life, have the school Bad Boy vying for your affections. Once more, you have several Bad Boys also vying for your affections. Not bad for such a plain, unattractive chick, huh?

Fuck off. You don't know what unattractive is.


alana said...

That's right up there with the women who are plagued with their "curvy" bodies that no one, except all the men they come across of course, likes. What a horrible fate!

mummazappa said...

yeah, this annoys me as much as the geeky girl who wears glasses and a pony tail suddenly gets contacts and does her hair and wears a tight dress and - presto! Everyone realises how hot she is. cliche = snore.

Lu said...


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